Whitecanyon.com Website Review & Ratings + WhiteCanyon WipeDrive Coupons
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Whitecanyon.com Website Review & Ratings + WhiteCanyon WipeDrive Coupons

White Canyon WipeDrive Professional does exactly what it says. It wipes computer hard drives professionally. So professionally in fact, that it is approved by the United States Department of Defence and is used by NASA, IBM and over 120 financial institutions for the secure removal of data.

Why do I need to erase my hard drive?

Your hard drive stores masses of information that can be dangerous in unscrupulous hands. This information can be business files and forms, bank passwords and account numbers, credit card details, passwords and more. Simply emptying your recycle bin won’t destroy the information and even if you try to delete your hard drive yourself, there is protection in place to recover files should you need them. If you are doing any of the following, you need WipeDrive:

  • Donating a computer
  • Throwing a used computer away
  • Selling a used computer
  • Buying a used computer
  • Erasing a damaged operating system with possible viruses

Using WipeDrive is one of the only ways you can guarantee that no traces of confidential information will remain on your hard drive. With more conventional methods, such as reformatting hard drives, traces of confidential information will remain. These little snippets of information can be traces of credit cards, passwords and bank routing numbers. With the recent increase in cyber crime, knowledge of how to access this kind of information is growing and if you want to protect your identity and business - White Canyon’s WipeDrive will leave you confident in the knowledge that your data has gone forever.

Key Features of WipeDrive Professional:

WhiteCanyon WipeDrive: What makes it different?

What makes White Canyon’s WipeDrive unique?

As identity theft is now one of America’s biggest crimes it has become more important than ever to make sure sensitive information remains safe and secure. Businesses and companies are responsible for the safe disposal of customer/employee information and failure to take their responsibility seriously can lead to hefty fines, not to mention expensive lawsuits. For individuals with personal and company computers, keeping confidential information private can be more difficult than it appears in this new age of cyber crime. The good news is that WipeDrive can completely erase all your pertinent information and in a matter of mere minutes. You don’t need to be a computer expert either as their website has a great ‘how-to’ library with plenty of useful hints and tips and there's a quick start guide with every purchase.

The benefits of using WipeDrive Pro:

  • World Leader for Erasing Hard Drives (includes Linux, DOS, and all other Intel® or AMD® compatible file system
  • WipeDrive System Saver is the only product in the world that can delete personal hard drive information but leave operating systems and programs intact – no need to reinstall Windows or Microsoft Office
  • Supports any size hard drive (IDE or SCSI) and wipes all partition tables and drive formats including FAT16 and 32, NTFS and Linux
  • Data deletion verification report is available after wipe for peace of mind
  • Clears all viruses and returns operating systems to optimal running speeds - your computer will run like new!
  • Prepares computers for re-issue, resale or reuse
  • Wipes up to 12 hard drives simultaneously
  • Self contained DOS bootable CD or diskette for ease of use
  • Erases hard drives on all x86 computers such as IBM PowerPC servers and Sun Sparc servers
WhiteCanyon WipeDrive vs. primary competitors (sites similar to WhiteCanyon WipeDrive)

Nova Drive Erase Pro is a product competing with WipeDrive and offers many of the same benefits, such as the ability to permanently erase sensitive data so that it can never be recovered.


  • Wizard driven interface making it very easy to use
  • Disc Viewer shows you proof that your data has been destroyed
  • Free technical support via telephone


  • More expensive than White Canyon’s WipeDrive
  • Will erase entire operating systems and programs, so if you intend to reuse or resell your computer you will need to reinstall several programs
  • Only compatible with Windows PC hard drives

Another problem with Nova’s product seems to be faulty serial numbers, which means their customers have to telephone customer support to get a new password key for the product. This has brought about quite a few disappointing reviews on amazon.com.

Active@KillDisk is priced more expensively than both of the above companies but does deliver an excellent product.


  • Wiping Certificate available, command line options added, erases partitions, customizable security levels, scans NTFS and FAT volumes, wipes out free clusters and more
  • Supports 17 security standards that are recognised by the US Department of Defense and other bodies
  • A freeware version is available but the end results are considerably less secure


  • It is more expensive than both the above two companies
  • It will wipe operating systems and standard programs simultaneously, adding several hours of work for computer owners who wish to sell or reuse their equipment
  • It is available as a download only

When you consider that Active@KillDisk is more than double the price of WipeDrive and certainly doesn't offer any thing more than its competitor, WipeDrive is an easy choice for the secure removal of data. 

WhiteCanyon WipeDrive: Pricing & packages

White Canyon has several different products that enable you to wipe your hard drive clean and these are listed below:

Standard WipeDrive $19.95 (for individual use)

System Saver WipeDrive – which enables the user to erase their hard drive whilst keeping operating systems such as Windows and standard programs such as Microsoft Office intact is priced at $39.95 (for individual use)

WipeDrive Pro $99.95 (for business use)

Competitors of WipeDrive are:

Nova Drive Erase Pro priced at $29.99

Active@KillDisk priced at $49.95

Whilst there aren't many competitors in the professional wiping/cleaning of hard drives, the two that I did find are comparable with Standard WipeDrive and considerably more expensive. System Saver WipeDrive is competitively priced when you consider that it is the only product on the market that can erase everything except a computer’s operating system and wanted applications. WipeDrive Pro is a great solution for businesses where speed is of the essence as it delivers much faster results than that of its counterparts. 

WhiteCanyon WipeDrive: Product images & screenshots
WhiteCanyon WipeDrive Coupons
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WhiteCanyon WipeDrive: Customer reviews & comments

Here is some feedback from White Canyon's WipeDrive customers and followers:

www.reviews.bestbuy.com says:

When it comes to permanently deleting your data, simply formatting your hard drive is not enough. Remnants of your personal information, such as bank account numbers, passwords and more, can remain for others to use against you. Don't let yourself become a potential target of identity theft; wipe your hard drive clean with WipeDrive 5.0. This helpful software will completely eliminate the data left on the hard drive of your computer. You'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information can no longer be viewed by others. Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M disk-sanitizing standard, WipeDrive 5.0 completely erases all traces of hard drive data. Nothing will be left behind when you sell, rebuild or donate your computer. At work, you can erase hard drives and recirculate them among your employees without sharing private or proprietary information. Whether for private or professional use, WipeDrive 5.0 is a powerful way to keep your computer's hard drive clean.
Average Customer Rating: 4.833 out of 54.8  out of 5
 (6 Reviews)

100% of customers would recommend this product to a friend 

5 STARS!    truly remarkable      By Cory L. Mclaughlin
A product I have very good ratings for: 1.ease of use 2: quickness in completing the drive wipe 3: knowing the job was 100% wiped. I am now able to give the computer away to a needing family or institution.
5 STARS! Great Product--Fast and Easy to UseBy J. Bateman (Oklahoma City, OK USA) 
This review is from: WipeDrive 5 (CD-ROM)

I am 100% satisfied with this product. I purchased it a little while ago so that I could clear the data in my computer before I donate it to my church. I expected it to take several hours but it cleared my 80G hard drive in only like 45 minutes. At one point I had just a bit of trouble figuring something out, and so I called their technical support line and they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me. I would recommend this software to anyone.

In Conclusion: White Canyon's WipeDrive is without doubt the market leader in the safe and secure deletion of hard drives. Utilised by the U.S. Department of Defense and many of Fortune 500's companies - it has some sparkling reviews and yet still remains competitively priced. For peace of mind and ease of use it is the number one product available in today's market.

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